Friday, November 2, 2012

Mouthy Stitches 2

I just love the Mouthy Stitches girls!  I fit right in.... we are verbal but in the most encouraging of ways.  There is so much activity that goes on and yes, it can be a bit overwhelming to keep up with all the posts that are made, but the one thing that is always in an overabundance is the inspiration.

This year my secret partner was May of Confessions of a Fabraholic .  Can you imagine how excited I was to see that she had actually saved the picture of her tote bag as a favorite!  She doesn't even know that this is for her!  LOL

Soooooo,  without further ado, I will show you some pic's of the tote bag and key fob that I made for her:

The Back....that big red square is a pocket.

The inside contains a key fob holder and another pocket that is perfect for holding a cell phone!

The front with the little key fob.

Here is my wonky key fob up close!
Something I need to work on is my photography skills!  These, of course, are taken at night and the lighting from inside does love to cast it's little shadows.   Some day, some day.

Until next time, my lovelies, keep on sewing or doing whatever brings you happiness!

Much love!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Table Top Swap 3

Even though this is the third table top swap, it is my first time participating. I had a lot of fun, as usual, in stalking my partner.  It was my first time making fabric baskets and these cool pencil holders.

I love the one I made and for whom I made it for... Gina of Happy Go Lizzie.  She was a joy to make for.

Here is her basket that I made:

The movie wasn't it is what I watched while making the baskets.  It is my all-time favorite chick flick!

Below is the basket I received from Deb, aka TrioStitchStudio:

I know that photo is pretty icky, but the product is NOT!  It is beautiful and I was so excited to receive it.  I have this secret love affair for ric-rac! And look at the owl!!!

My sister and I also volunteered to be Angels in this swap.  And we were fortunate enough to be called to active duty!  Nothing makes a heart feel better than making something nice for someone.  This gal loved 30's fabric an only wanted the pencil cases. I happened to have a bit in my stash from a project I had started (notice I didn't say finished) hehe  I was able to make these beauties with it.  Well, lets say, I made the baskets. My sis made the coordinating mug rug.  

I hope she loves them!  The smaller one is the perfect size for seam rippers!  lol  You can never have enough of those!

Until the next post (I actually have it scheduled to post but want to make sure my partner receives her tote bag before I actually post it!), my lovelies!!
Have a fantastic rest of your day!

Much Love!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


     FINALLY!   I have had time to participate in the Friday Night Sew In.  It has been moons since  I have gotten to "play" with the girls.  Earlier this week I was going through my sewing room closet and found some Halloween projects as well as some kits that I had purchased/started making many (eh-hem, pardon me while I clear my throat) YEARS ago.

     I have had this lovely in the works for only a couple of years.  All I had left to do, as I had started working on this again earlier in the week, was to hand sew the binding on the back of the quilt. Now it is complete and hanging on my wall in the living room just in time for Halloween!

     Last year I had purchased this lovely little kit and pattern called "Half to Have My Sister" by Bloomin Minds.  I added the borders to this and then layered the batting.  Next is to stitch down the applique, and embroider the phrase "sometimes I miss my sister".    This little wall-hanging really makes me laugh.  I was telling a girl at work about it but she didn't get the connection between the phrase and the witches legs....  So I had to explain it to her not once, not twice, not even three times!  By the fourth time, she finally got it.  But by then it wasn't funny.  

     I digress, as I was too tired to sew anymore and not wanting to rip out seams like my sister did (hehe) I  picked out some fabric for a Christmas pillow I want to make.  It has this lovely embroidery in the center which will go on the white fabric, followed by the red ric-rac then the aqua border, and the red striped  fabric(cut on bias) is the piping.
The pattern is #411 Vintage Candy Cane Snowman by Crab*apple Hill

      Another project, which cannot be counted in the FNSI because I finished it earlier this week,  was as stitchery unearthed from its fabric grave.  I just thought it was to stinkin' cute not to share with you.  All I had to do to finish this fright of a pillow was stitch around the applique and finish the door to the house. Then I added borders and made an envelope pillow cover with it.  Since my measurements were a bit off, which is really par for the course.. I made lemonade!  LOL  I had a creative opportunity presenting itself and I ran with it.  A loooooong time ago I had heard how to make your own pillow forms and had purchased the materials, which like a lot of my projects, were sitting in my closet and I did just that.  I will have to blog about that later,  but the pillow form with the new spooktacular pillow cover turned out beautifully and I wonder why it took so long for me to finish this.

I got this stitchery pattern from a little booklet. I will have to scrounge to find it so I can give you the info.
So that is all for this Friday Night Sew In blog post!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I am off to take a shower and tidy up a bit.  I have to find a fun dish to take to my step-sister, Becky's, tonight.  She is having a Halloween party!  Kid friendly, course!   BoooOOOOaaahhhhaaa

Friday, October 19, 2012

Belated swap posts! Part One

Time sure flies, doesn't it!  I have been busy doing everything and nothing all at the same time!
I have participated in a couple swaps recently and received some wonderful items.  There has been the Pretty Little Pouch Swap 5 (PLPS5) in which I received this great pouch and goodies:

Thanks, Jill!!  (JMCBroom)  I adore this!
 Here is the pouch I made her with the goodies:

I appliqued the flowers and the lady bugs onto the lining of the pouch. I loved that idea. She will be the only one able to appreciate it!

From the PLPS 4 swap I received this beauty:
pouch back
pouch front

Thank you, Sara!!!!  (simplybeu)  LOVE IT!

Here is the pouch I made with its goodies for my PLPS4 swap partner Wambers Whimsies (Amber)  
The back...before I ripped it all apart and added hardware and fixed the zipper

So...... this is it for tonight!  I have more to post but this one is long enough.  LOL  Two more swaps to tell you about plus ones that I am getting ready to particpate in!

EDIT:   I just realized that the last two pouches I had already blogged about! Sorry for the repeat!  It's old-timers, I swear!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pretty Little Pouch Swap 4

I am getting ready to start round 5 of the Pretty Little Pouch Swap and I realized
that I have yet to post my pouch from round 4.    I really liked the body of the pouch but my wristlet looked like it was on Viagra and the zipper ends just looked horrible.  I made a quick call out to my handy side-kick, Mr. seam ripper, and a rippin' we went!

I took apart the entire pouch and reassembled it into a pouch that I would be proud to have my name associated with.   I did not have a pattern for this and just kind of made it up as I went along.  

                                                       front of pouch    

Back of pouch

Inside the pouch I added a divider and pocket the was also divided.  Just the perfect size for placing your drivers license and credit card.  

Remeber that ugly zipper finish I was telling you about....... here it is upclose and personal:


After adding some hardware to my wristlet and  making some adjustments for the zipper, I had a lovely pouch...   I also made a cathedral window pincushion, threw in a charm pack and other goodies and mailed my pouch off to my partner.  I think she really liked it!

The pouch that I received was lovely. Lots and lots of french knots big bold pattern ... not really my style or anything that I had indicated that I liked but that is the great part of being in get to meet all kinds of creative geniuses who expose you to beauty outside your box.  I love knowing that she spent so much time making this pouch that her hands made every single knot.  I can picture her sitting in her chair working on the pouch.  She made it beautiful.  

 So this is my pouch...her hands.. I took the pictures off Flickr... I just purchased a new camera and still have to learn how to use it.  She also sent me some cool fabric earrings and some note cards...  A very lovely swap for me!!!

Until next time my lovelies, have the most blessed day!!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quilts for Kids--The Asterisk Quilt

My most recent contribution to Sarah from SewSarahSews are two asterisk blocks.  This was the first time I have ever made anything like this.  I love that she provides links to tutorials for the blocks that she wants made.  The commitment for the number of blocks you make is completely up to you...which I LOVE.  She will complete the quilt and then send it to the home of the foster child.  They will keep this quilt.... forever.

This is the first asterisk block that I made.  Cute but kinda boring.  It did give me an opportunity to test my skills...or should I say to follow directions and overall, I am happy with the outcome.  But since I committed to making two blocks, I decided to jazz it up a bit.  But if you want to know the real here it is.  I made the second just like the first only in different colors.  When I went to square it up I wasn't even close to the 12-1/2" block size.... so I thought hmmmmm, how do I fix this?... Wonkiness!!  It fixes everything! So I offset the asterisk and added the grey border on two sides...a sweet look and by my initial calculations, it should have measured the correct size at that point.  But alas, it did not.  So what is a girl to do?  That's right... add another border!  Cut it big and then trim  it down afterwards!  No more  precision cutting and sewing for me!  Just like Eleanor Burns.... just trim it and toss it over your shoulder and sew some more..trim, toss, sew...that is my new sewing motto

Don't you love it!!!!!  I do!

If you would like to see the finished quilt from the first Quilt For Kids that I participated in just click here.  The blocks I made are here..but they look like the rest. The quilt is sooo cool.  Great for a boy.

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Pouch for the Zippy Pouch Swap

I am so excited to share my pictures of the pouch I made and received from the zippy pouch swap!  I am happy with the results of the one I made.  There is no pattern for it.  I just made my front and back and then took tidbits from zipper tutorials and boxed bottoms....and this is what I came up with:
Yes, it's a bit blurry but I wanted to show the charm I put on the zipper!  Some day I will figure out my camera!

Nothing to exciting happening on the inside.  But was my first big zippy!

Those lovely hexagons are only 1/4" in size!  

My cute fairy! French knots and running stitches for a little embellishment!

And here is the whole pouch.  In retrospect I would use a darker zipper.  Not a big fan of the off white one now that I see it in the photo.  Also in the picture are some journal covers I made.  I did all these while at retreat.
The pouch that I received came to me from Ireland!  Once I saw her embroidery I knew it just had to be for me!  But she remained steadfast in the secrecy... I even told her it had to be mine!  It had all of my favorite things...mushrooms, gnomes, hedgehogs and birds!  I love that it is a wristlet too!

I got these wonderful scraps and a lovely note from Ms. Sarah along with my pouch!

I have been so fortunate in all my swaps!   I am participating in another pouch swap and just signed up the Retro flowers quilt-a-long!

As I have been asked to make up a pattern for the fairy pouch I will be making that up one of these days and sharing my tutorial for that... I am thinking by June... How fun will that be!  I will be a little more diligent with this pouch and will write things down as I go so I can share the process with you.
In the meantime yard work awaits and so do those pesky dirty dishes in the sink!  Crap, I hope I shut my water off.  I think I started to fill the  sink before I sat to write this post!  Bahaahaahaa

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zippy Pouch Swap

Well, our Mouthy Mamma's have really done it this time!  They have organized a secret
zippy pouch swap and I am participating in it.  This should be a blast!  I recognize quite a few of the gals from the Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap that I recently completed.  I look forward to chatting with these gals again and to making friends with the new faces of this swap.
Since I have never made a zippy pouch this could be challenging...but I think it will be a great time.  I am sure my pouch will turn out great... the hardest part is thinking of a design. But then again, that is also the funnest part too!
And what about the button they made for the swap?!   I LOVE IT!

I am just writing this in hopes that I will unwind.... it is late and I should be getting to bed..okay, it's not that late... only 9:30...but 4:30 comes pretty quickly.... and right now, my mind is all a flutter with design ideas for this pouch... fabric, applique ideas, what shape, color, should I make it wristlet???????? OH MY.. so many ideas, so little time.  I better just sign off and go lay down in bed with the lights out... maybe then my mind will quiet down.  Then again, maybe not.   Does the creative mind ever sleep???

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I did for my Friday Night Sew-in

I fell asleep!  I started out all excited about staying up late and sewing until the wee hours of the morning.  I grabbed myself a cold beer, my projects and some batteries for my camera and I downloaded the audiobook... The Hunger Games...  

I began to cut my pattern pieces out for my apron... I had to giggle when I realized that I put the pattern upside down on my fabric so now my chickens are dangling by their feet!  LOL  I did manage to finish making the  ties and the neck piece for the apron and have everything cut out and ready to sew.   I could feel myself getting tired and the audiobook was absolutely wonderful and found it hard to concentrate on the apron.. that's probably why I cut the pattern out upside down.  LOL...  so anyway I sat down on the couch and just listened to my book... next thing you know, I am asleep.... well, I didn't know I was asleep until I woke up a couple hours later.  LOL  

After I awoke from a 2hr nap, I went back to my sewing room and figured out what I  wanted to do for my quilt back...  I didn't get a picture of that....  :(   I would love to cheat and say I finished it last night, but truth be known I didn't.   I finished making the quilt back this morning and now the quilt is at Diane's waiting to be quilted.  It will be gone just long enough for me to miss it and welcome it back home.

Beer and batteries just what a girl needs for a   FNSI.
The beer never got drank..I fell asleep.  lol
The apron pattern

Facade quilt front.  ( I stole this image from my sisters blog! with her permission, so I guess it's not stealing)

cutting my apron pieces
I think I need to nap before I participate so I don't mess up my cutting. Or maybe give myself an IV infusion of caffeine!

Speaking of naps.... I think I will take one now.  My brother's annual birthday bash is tonight.  Right now I am a little sleepy and I have a slight headache... a nap is just what this non-napper needs!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's time for a Friday Night Sew-In!!!!!

Yeah!   I love being able to sew in my  jammies!  Do you????  That is just one of the things making this a fun event... I participated with this last month and did do some sewing, but since it is more than a minute ago, I can't remember what I made!  LOL  
On my sewing agenda for tonight---an apron and a quilt back.
The best part of tonight????  I can stay up as late as I want.  I am no longer working the weekends at St. Lukes Hospital.  I am officially a weekday person!  Only 72 hrs (every two weeks) which still gives me full-time benefits (whew) and weekends of fun!
Last weekend I spent with my sister.  We had the first of many sister sew weekends.  I don't have pics to show  as the batteries died in my camera.... I am rambling..I need to be sewing!  So if you aren't doing anything join us!

Handmade by Heidi

Heck... I am not going anywhere tonight  I just might have a beer!   I am also listening to the first book of the Hunger Games...creepy but good.