Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Pouch for the Zippy Pouch Swap

I am so excited to share my pictures of the pouch I made and received from the zippy pouch swap!  I am happy with the results of the one I made.  There is no pattern for it.  I just made my front and back and then took tidbits from zipper tutorials and boxed bottoms....and this is what I came up with:
Yes, it's a bit blurry but I wanted to show the charm I put on the zipper!  Some day I will figure out my camera!

Nothing to exciting happening on the inside.  But was my first big zippy!

Those lovely hexagons are only 1/4" in size!  

My cute fairy! French knots and running stitches for a little embellishment!

And here is the whole pouch.  In retrospect I would use a darker zipper.  Not a big fan of the off white one now that I see it in the photo.  Also in the picture are some journal covers I made.  I did all these while at retreat.
The pouch that I received came to me from Ireland!  Once I saw her embroidery I knew it just had to be for me!  But she remained steadfast in the secrecy... I even told her it had to be mine!  It had all of my favorite things...mushrooms, gnomes, hedgehogs and birds!  I love that it is a wristlet too!

I got these wonderful scraps and a lovely note from Ms. Sarah along with my pouch!

I have been so fortunate in all my swaps!   I am participating in another pouch swap and just signed up the Retro flowers quilt-a-long!

As I have been asked to make up a pattern for the fairy pouch I will be making that up one of these days and sharing my tutorial for that... I am thinking by June... How fun will that be!  I will be a little more diligent with this pouch and will write things down as I go so I can share the process with you.
In the meantime yard work awaits and so do those pesky dirty dishes in the sink!  Crap, I hope I shut my water off.  I think I started to fill the  sink before I sat to write this post!  Bahaahaahaa

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