Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pretty Little Pouch Swap 4

I am getting ready to start round 5 of the Pretty Little Pouch Swap and I realized
that I have yet to post my pouch from round 4.    I really liked the body of the pouch but my wristlet looked like it was on Viagra and the zipper ends just looked horrible.  I made a quick call out to my handy side-kick, Mr. seam ripper, and a rippin' we went!

I took apart the entire pouch and reassembled it into a pouch that I would be proud to have my name associated with.   I did not have a pattern for this and just kind of made it up as I went along.  

                                                       front of pouch    

Back of pouch

Inside the pouch I added a divider and pocket the was also divided.  Just the perfect size for placing your drivers license and credit card.  

Remeber that ugly zipper finish I was telling you about....... here it is upclose and personal:


After adding some hardware to my wristlet and  making some adjustments for the zipper, I had a lovely pouch...   I also made a cathedral window pincushion, threw in a charm pack and other goodies and mailed my pouch off to my partner.  I think she really liked it!

The pouch that I received was lovely. Lots and lots of french knots big bold pattern ... not really my style or anything that I had indicated that I liked but that is the great part of being in get to meet all kinds of creative geniuses who expose you to beauty outside your box.  I love knowing that she spent so much time making this pouch that her hands made every single knot.  I can picture her sitting in her chair working on the pouch.  She made it beautiful.  

 So this is my pouch...her hands.. I took the pictures off Flickr... I just purchased a new camera and still have to learn how to use it.  She also sent me some cool fabric earrings and some note cards...  A very lovely swap for me!!!

Until next time my lovelies, have the most blessed day!!!!!

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