Friday, January 20, 2012

It's time for a Friday Night Sew-In!!!!!

Yeah!   I love being able to sew in my  jammies!  Do you????  That is just one of the things making this a fun event... I participated with this last month and did do some sewing, but since it is more than a minute ago, I can't remember what I made!  LOL  
On my sewing agenda for tonight---an apron and a quilt back.
The best part of tonight????  I can stay up as late as I want.  I am no longer working the weekends at St. Lukes Hospital.  I am officially a weekday person!  Only 72 hrs (every two weeks) which still gives me full-time benefits (whew) and weekends of fun!
Last weekend I spent with my sister.  We had the first of many sister sew weekends.  I don't have pics to show  as the batteries died in my camera.... I am rambling..I need to be sewing!  So if you aren't doing anything join us!

Handmade by Heidi

Heck... I am not going anywhere tonight  I just might have a beer!   I am also listening to the first book of the Hunger Games...creepy but good.

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