Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Still calm even though.....

Christmas is so close.  I don't feel any pressure to get things done or to do last minute shopping.  I wonder why?  Could this be the reason.....???
A very nice Merlot from my secret Santa
Noooooo... its because there is very little for me to do and I still have time.  Check back with me on Friday morning... I may be a whole ball of mess then!  We are celebrating Christmas with my family on that day since I have to work all Christmas weekend... 12.5 hour shifts...  They are so kind to accommodate me.  But if you were to ask my OLDER sister, Cindy... lol...  she would tell you that it is always about me.  And, well, it is.  LOL...  I love my family... just sayin.  They spoil me rotten.

We had our Secret Santa exchange at work last night.... and beside the Merlot  labeled by Running with Scissors (how appropriate for a quilter~!)   I also received a gift card to one of my most favorite quilt shops in Cedar Rapids.... Pine Needles.

I can't wait to go and buy more fabric.... however, maybe I should get more thread.  I have been doing more quilting this year and my thread selection for quilting is dwindling down.
Well, I better get back to my sewing room.  I have to finish quilting a Christmas gift so I can put the binding on tomorrow morning... AFTER I have had my pot of coffee and not a minute sooner!

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  1. dont work too hard sarah will be thinking of you working away while everyone else is off !!!