Thursday, December 1, 2011

WOW!!!! Can you believe it is Dec 1st already?!!!

Time has sure flown by since my last post.... I have been one busy bee.  Lets start by what did I finish....   Randy's Quilt.  Modern Christmas Table-runner, I helped my lovely sister with my nephews quilts so she could get them quilted.  I was just the pressing and cutting girl..but as you know, I was loads of fun until I got tired of standing!  LOL  

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent it with my most favorite people in the entire family!  I have also been busy getting my house decorated for Christmas!  It is looking so pretty!  What is that you are saying????  You want to see pictures???  Well, since I just finished taking them... I think you are in luck.  This post will have lots of pics and then I will probably be a bit in posting again as I have GOT to get this t-shirt quilt done.... I want to take it to the quilter tomorrow...I think I may have to pull an all-nighter!  Put on the coffee!!!!!!

Have you started Christmas shopping????  not many days left!  chop chop!    My list is short and I have almost all I need... just a few small items and I am done.  I got my sons gift today...

These trees are in my kitchen/dining room .
The other images above are on the half wall that
goes down to the basement.

No flash... don't the lights look pretty.  I love the simplicity
of the clear lights.

Wanted to show the ornaments....still need a topper.. I was thinking
feathers!  pink, teal, red, and blue feathers!  lol

I just love this.... the ornaments are just clip art
from Microsoft... I printed them on regular paper, cut and
famed them.  Easy Peasy and the frames are from the dollar
store.  The Faith plaque is one I talked my sister out of.
I just loved it soooooo much.  She spoils me sooo much!

My wall decal wouldn't stick so I just
put some paint over it and peeled it off.
this is the same wall color that is painted
on the inset of my bay window.  It needs
a little touch up.  I will do that after the paint

This is my man and his quilt!  

completed table runner for the swap..bye bye!  My partner, Ailsa has received this and loves it!  That makes me very happy!
This is the ornament that I made and sent with the runner.
This is the runner I received..too pretty to put on the table!
Here is a closeup of my runner... I received this along with a house ornament,
handmade card, a piece of the fabric that was used for the back of the 
runner and a postcard of the town in which she lives.  Dianne
lives in the Czech Republic  I absolutely love this!

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