Thursday, December 8, 2011

Charity sewing and Friday night fun!

One of the things that has always brought me joy was making quilts
for people in need.  Our local quilt guild, the Muscatine Melon Patchers, does  just this.
We make quilts for our domestic abuse shelter.  There are thousands of people that
use their services every year with the majority of them being children.  It really
breaks your heart when you see the numbers and know that these people are coming
directly from our county.

As I was surfing the internet this morning, more specifically blogs and flickr, I came across the blog of SoSarahSews.  She is the mastermind of Quilts for Kids.  This is an online Flickr community open to anyone who wishes to make quilt blocks, as directed by Sarah.  You may make one or a hundred!  Sarah puts these together and gives them to children in need.  The quilt I am helping with is for a little boy who is in foster care with his sisters. I believe that these quilts will bring lots of love to the children who may be thinking that they are not lovable, or that no one cares.  As quilters we have a great opportunity to share our passion with these children.

We know how much we love making our quilts; how much love we pour into each and every quilt.  And what about when we are picking out the fabrics... do we not love to touch the fabric and soak in the texture.  From the moment the idea first pops into our mind, to the purchasing of the fabric, cutting the fabric, assembling the top, the quilting and then finally sewing on the binding, do we not feel love?  Absolutely!  WE ARE QUILTERS!!!
So please join in on this.  There is a bit of urgency for this particular quilt... Sarah needs the blocks by Christmas but they will only take 30 minutes of your time if you send two. She still needs a commitment for 20 more blocks.  I am making four.  I challenge you to make 4 as well!  All you need is an 8.5" square of black(or grey) and 8.5" square of white. to make one block.

On a lighter note.........

 Friday fun night!!! What is this?????  well, it is my first time participating in Friday night sew in.  Fun, easy and free!!  It is an internet group that gets together..usually the 3rd Friday of the month but this month it is the 2nd Friday.... we sew in our jammies at our own home (unless you have a group of friends to sew with)...Then on Saturday you post your project in the flickr group!  Easy Peasy!!   The party starts here!
and  finishes here.  Oh...and how dare I nearly forget.....there's a  GIVEAWAY with each sew in!!  yeah!