Friday, October 7, 2011

This was my first doll quilt swap.  I made this for Jenn who LOVES brights!  I am sure I got this pattern from somewhere.... oh, yes!  It was from my sisters book... if I had the name, I would give proper credit. I had some teaser pics in earlier posts but forgot to post the final product!

 I have a lot of other quilts, normal on my flickr page These doll quilts appear on that photostream as well... I am excited to show more of what I am doing.


  1. Still LOVE it. This was my first mini in my collection that now hangs in my livingroom! Thanks again!! Jenn

  2. I love it too. Really cheerful colours :)

  3. Thanks! Jenn.... How are you? I haven't stalked your blog lately.. I better hop to it. lol I have my doll quilt from you in my livingroom as well. I love it!