Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!

 Happy Halloween to my bloggy peeps!!!!  This is me above... and I am feeling sooooo pretty!  Well, I have been a busy bee lately... and since I didn't have my internet behaving like it should... we won't go into that  I am a little tardy in getting some posts made here.    I have been doing some sewing and I even made some Halloween cookies to take to work... I left some at home for my son... didn't want him to feel left out.. Actually, I just wanted to see his reaction when he saw them.  

These are the fun severed finger sugar cookies.  I got them from an issue of Rachel Ray's magazine.....  Aren't they absolutely gruesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  eewwwww

            This is the finished top for the Modern Christmas Table Runner swap that I am                          working on.  I can't say who its for yet, but will do that after I know she has received it. I absolutely love this.  I have a quilting design already.  All I have to do is layer it and go for it!   I will post the final funner in a couple of weeks!

This is the star block... I cut the points off when imaging this block...its there on the 
actual  my quilty friends will get the importance of points!

And this is how it all started.....  graph paper, fabric and colored pencils.  I love this process.  

Oh, and one last picture to show you.... I was inspired to take this when Julie from Jaybird quilts took a picture of her views.... below is what I got to enjoy from my front window.... most of the leaves have fallen now and that's ok.  I look forward to being able to enjoy them again next year!
I actually stood outside on my porch to take this...otherwise there were tons of little window panes in the way!  giggles
This is the picture with the window, taken with me standing.... not so pretty and the hickory tree leaves were already turning it has no leaves at all....hehe  But with the way my furniture is placed in the livingroom and when you sit and look out the window.. I get the pretty view..I am so blessed!


  1. Your table runner looks amazing.
    I can't wait to see the quilting.

    And as for the view from your window. I soo miss trees. Wow. you are so lucky.

  2. Thanks, Polly!!!! Glad that you are following me from afar!

  3. you look so gorgeous ,love your view you have lots of trees for my little birds !!