Monday, October 17, 2011

Its Monday!

Yeah for me!  Five more days before I go to work again..wooohooo!  My house is a bit of a mess since I spent last week completing the top for my man's quilt, making a matching pillowcase and I made a little purse for a little girl who sells farm fresh eggs. She delivered two dozen to me on Sunday.  She loved her bag and my hugs from her were never ending!  I am so blessed!  

I recycled some of my sons old blue-jeans and added the fun
chicken wire fabric for the handle and the fried egg fabric for the cuff.The idea
for the style came from the internet at this link
I modified it just a little but the happy house wife was my inspiration.

The pillow case

                                            This is the quilt that I made for my man...mmmm  mmmm                                           It's the BQ pattern. Since the trucks are directional I this was the only layout I could do..oooo.. I should have
                                            staged a big accident and had them all meeting in the middle!HAHA

                                                 A close up of the truck fabric.  Randy drives
over the road and requested this sort of print.  His birthday is coming up.  Can't wait to give it to him.

Now.... onto the Christmas table runner swap.  Well, my partner isn't participating much so I am going to have to rely on my stealth stalking skills to make a runner that will be to her pleasing.  I have decided to go with the fabric she mentioned  she liked ..which has a modern coloring but still somewhat traditional.  From looking at her blog she seems to be more of a traditional gal ... I see stars a lot on her projects.  So my design plan is a traditional runner with stars in the center... I will do some big stitches on it as well... she likes that!... Maybe I could add some beads to perk it up a bit!  I will draw  a sketch and post it with my fabric choices later this week.
Well,  the FlyLady harkens me.... gotta clean so I can be inspired.  Clutter really stifles my creativity and so does dust, dog hair and dirty dishes!  LOL  

Have a great day!!!


  1. Don't know why the text went so wonky.... Sorry about that!

  2. hey looks like you have been busy ,hope he likes the quilt it is great and the bags love the fried egg fabric ....................looks like eggs :)_)

  3. ooops read it again fried eggs :))))))