Friday, October 7, 2011

Christmas Table Runner Swap...fabric preview

Good morning!!  What a wonderful fall day.  The leaves are so thoughtful.... blanketing my lawn after it cried out how cold it was last night.  Now if they could just find their way back onto the trees it would be great!

Last night, I gathered some fabric from my stash for the Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap.  I can say that it looks better in person than in the picture...the green doesn't make sense but trust real really looks great.  The green and the red will be used in bits and pieces  just for the 'pop' of color.  I am listening to the comments and will be adding a solid...probably white to break up all the color and give the eye resting places. Today I will tinker with some sketching to get a design plan and post that later.
So maybe, pull the green add a stripe?Or what about adding a touch of orange? I pull the red and green add an orange and a stripe.... and some white.  You guys are the best! Thanks for helping me make up my mind.  Gotta go find some orange to preview...oh, and the stripe.  I will have to go fabric shopping ...what a drag.  (NOT)  hehe.    

My son has a football game tonight and I have to work this weekend so I probably wont post again until Monday.  Don't miss me!!


  1. I'd be up for having some white but then I like white with red/green for Christmas. Orange is probably more modern...what colours does your partner have in her mosaic?

  2. not many, one is traditional, the other mod red and greens.... she isn't too active in the group yet... I won't be cuttin into the fabric yet. I hope to see more of her comments to get a better idea.