Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trial and Error on putting in pictures!

Ok, so I am learning how to add pictures to my blog...was hoping to be able to insert them into what I had already posted for today..but alas, I cannot, so here goes another short post...  

The storm is in full force now... the snow drifts are coming up to my front step  which is about 18" deep... my son ran out and we did a quick snow line measurement off of his jeans!  He is sooo funny!

I was wanting to post some pictures of my postage stamp quilt-a-long and my fabric selection for my doll quilt swap partner.  So here goes!!!
fabric selection for the doll quilt swap

Jenn~ if there is any one of these fabrics that you absolutely HATE, let me know and I will pull it.  I will be starting construction next week!!  Keeping in mind, traditional and brights...that will be my focus as I move forward... if you are a good girl, I will send you a sneak peak when I have some construction done!

Below are my fabrics and progress on the postage stamp quilt-a-long...  Progress is slow.. I currently have 14 blocks completed only 34 to go!!!  wooohooooo

Pleased with the points here especially since I didn't pin!!


  1. VERY nice!!! And I LOVE the fabrics you have picked out for your doll quilt!!! L.O.V.E your postage stamp quilt!!!

  2. SaaaaWEET! Love love love those colors! That is right up my alley! Love your snow pics too. Here in Tx we were stuck home all week with ice and snow! Unfortunately, the postman just brought my fabrics so I'll be starting on your doll quilt soon too and posting some quick pics of my fabric selections. Love your fabrics for your postage stamp quilt along too. Soft and subtle. Take care! Jenn

  3. Love the colours in your sneak peek

    happy stitching