Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The morning after....

looking towards my neighbors

my oh how will it come out without tons of manual labor!  LOL

Guess I will wait for warm weather to use this again!

I have had good rest and will be starting my first cup of coffee.  I can't wait to enjoy that.  I prefer my coffee
very strong with cream and sweetner....YUM!!  I will enjoy every last drop of that first cup because what comes next will
not be as enjoyable.  I am going to put on my snowpants, gloves, hat and grab my trusty shovel!  I am so regretting not
getting my snowblower out and ready.... I thought it would be quicker to just shovel... I am laughing loudly now! 
The brighter side..I don't need to do my exercises as the task in front of me will be exercise enough. 
I am so lucky to live on a corner lot! NOT!!  LOL.....Happy Groundhogs Day!!

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