Thursday, November 17, 2011

Look What I got!

A while ago I entered a giveaway on The House Undone Blog.... they were giving away an original acrylic painting from VickisArt.....  You can check out her Etsy Store here.  This is the first piece of ART that I have owned that wasn't a print or made from my son back in his elementary school days.  I just love this painting.  It is beautiful. I just need to decide if I want to keep it in my living room where I will see it throughout the day or do I want to wake up to it in my bedroom... Either way, with the arrival of this painting, I realize now more than ever that my walls are pretty naked.  I really need to dress them up.  I have a plan for the TV wall... I am going to do a gallery wall... all frames will be black but they will all be different shapes and sizes.   I would love to put a stenciled pattern on the walls, but the opposing wall is brick..... hmmmm I just think that would be tooooo much pattern for me. No resting place for my little eyeballs!  LOL  Well, for now.. I am just going to show my photo's of the picture... when I finally decorate my walls, I will blog that as well.  In my mind it is going to be absolutely beautiful.
 Below I was trying to impress with the signature of the artist...but my camera wouldn't focus... I was too close I guess.  LOL

Here is my picture hanging all pretty on my wall.

 Can you see Leroy's tail.... As for the apple pie that I was going to post today... it will have to wait for tomorrow.  This painting had to take first priority!

I hope you all have a fantabulous day!  I have a date with Edward Cullen tonight.  YUMMY!  Now he is better than apple pie FOR SURE!


  1. You are one lucky duck sister! I LOVE this painting and it fits your home perfectly!!

  2. i love the painting just my colours !!send it over :))lucky you that is the sort of post i like