Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It has been a while, hasn't it?!!

I had the most awesome package delivered in the mail today.  I got my doll quilt from Louise who lives in the state of Wyoming.  The quilt is sooo cute and she included tons of goodies!!  I hope she likes the one I will be sending her.... I LOVE IT!

I like to try new techniques on my quilts and with this one, I did use my freemotion foot  to quilt with and I put on a binding flange.. I learned how to do  that from Julie Herman over at ... she has the most amazing tutorials over on her blog... 

I don't have much to say... I have been pretty quiet and I am sure my family likes that  but then maybe they worry when I am this way.  LOL... nothing to worry about.. just enjoy the quiet.  LOLOLOL

Below is the quilt I am sending her... I had been under the weather a bit, and she gave me the A-OK if I was late finishing her quilt.  The quilt is done but now I want to send her some goodies as well. She doesn't have a blog, so her surprise won't be spoiled by posting my picture here.  But if you happen to know Louise from Wyoming.. shhhhhh... don't tell her you saw her quilt first!


  1. Love it, Sarah could you please email me a picture of the quilt you sent her so I can do another slide show.


  2. This is just great, Sarah!!! What a sweetheart Louise is! Just look at all the wonderful things she sent you!!! How sweet is that?? And you did an AWESOME job on your quilt!!