Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day one on my Blog!

WOW!  I can't believe that I am finally posting on my blog.  This is day one.  As it stands now, I don't have
anything to interesting to say.  But in time, I will post pictures of quilts I have done, chat about my weight loss journey and whatever else comes to mind. 
This is the year that I have made financial and physical health a goal. So far, I feel I am doing quite well with both..but like anything else... I am sure I will stumble occassionaly and fall back on old habits, but with my new attitude and outlook I will move forward rather than give up.  Life is too short for regrets. I will move
forward trying new things, not letting my fear of the unknown hold me back from experiencing all the great
things life has to offer. This is going to be an awesome year!

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  1. Hey Sarah! I see that we are swap partners on Christine's Once Upon a Quilt Doll Quilt Swap! Email me your email address so that we can exchange our likes and dislikes in further detail! I'm excited that this is my first doll quilt swap. What about you? Hop on over to my blog Purpleheart Ori"Jenn"als and see what I'm all about. My email is on my profile page too. Hope to talk to you soon! Jenn